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"As one of the original founders of MXR*, I first brought these effects pedals to guitarists almost 40 years ago. They were the ones that started a revolution and no one has made them quite the same since . . . hand-wired, American made, built to last forever and with the exact same circuits and quality components.

It's the way we did it back then and it's the way we've approached everything we've done since. With this new line of vintage pedals, the ONLY things we changed are the addition of true-bypass, a 9 Volt power inlet and an LED to indicate when they're active.

To celebrate 40 years in rock-n-roll, we're proud to release the Rochester Series pedals. You're gonna love 'em."

- Michael Laiacona, President and owner of Whirlwind

Hand-made in Rochester, NY USA

The "Orange Box" Phaser

The swirling, edgy phaser that started it all in 1973!

This handwired classic features select resistors paired with hand-matched components to achieve the same smooth and warm modulation as the original . . . the result? Gobs of thick, rich tone.

This little box can be heard on more hit albums than any other FX box in history - hands down!

The "Gold Box" Distortion

This classic handwired tank of a box delivers a wide range of sonic distortion from a subtle, warm, tube-driven tone to balls-to-the-walls searing hot overdrive, with that vintage sustain and classic tone you grew up with.

The "Red Box" Compressor

The Red Box is a true classic and since its introduction in 1976 has been heard on countless landmark recordings. It's known best for its crisp, percussive attack as well as its lush, rich sustain while maintaining the natural, clear tone of your guitar.

For those that need to switch between instruments and want the ability to employ a programmable boost for fills and solos, Whirlwind introduces the Commander 2, a two-channel instrument switcher, booster, feedback eliminator and tuner with built-in DI.

Each channel features an input gain control for compensating for different pickup types and balancing the level between instruments. Then easily switch between instruments with a touch of the A/B footswitch.

Each channel also features a programmable boost. Set the amount of boost for each instrument and then switch between your rhythm and lead volumes and back again with the BOOST footswitch.

The unit also features a built-in chromatic tuner with a fast, bright, easy to read display. A tuner button activates the tuner and mutes the outputs for silent tuning.

A built-in polarity reverse switch is included along with a sweepable notch filter to subdue feedback without affecting your tone.

A 1/4" output jack and a built-in transformer isolated DI out with XLR jack are provided to feed an onstage monitor, mixer and/or house PA. A ground lift switch is also provided for breaking the ground connection to the DI output to help eliminate ground loop hum and buzz.

An effects loop is provided for inserting outboard EQ or effects and the SEND jack can be used by itself to provide a third output.

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WT1000 Tuner
The Whirlwind WT1000 tuner is an economical and feature packed device.
  • Remarkably sensitive and stable for simple, easy tuning

  • Auto modes for chromatic, guitar, bass and violin as well as manual mode

  • Pitch adjustable from A=433 to A=447

  • LCD meter as well as sharp/flat/in tune LEDs

  • Auto power off

  • Tune from 1/4" input jack or built-in mic

  • Tilt-back stand

  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries

The Bomb

Part number: FXBOMBP

26dB of good old American boost! with true bypass, a bright LED, and a 9V power input. BOOM!

This power house of a pedal couldn't be simpler, one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, which takes you from a gentle increase in volume and gain, for those subtle acoustic solos, all the way to eleven giving you as much boost as you can handle! The Bomb is also a great way to give your effects line a little added horse power to get the job done and drive your point home. Proof again, that big things definitively do come in small packages.

(Large size photo HERE.

If you've ever wired a stage with multiple DIs, then you already love theDI2.The DI2 makes it easy to keep your stage clean, and eliminates the need for piles of mic cables to patch your DIs.

No more tracing a mic cable from the snake back to the DI to identify a channel, and no more cross-patching errors.  The DI2's color-coding and Snakeskin fanout make it easy to trace cables and identify exactly what's patched where. No more will you have to patch your stereo DIs one channel at a time.  The DI2 makes it easy to wire your stage quickly, cleanly and accurately.

The DI2 is a hardwired version of our Director2, which combines features found on two of our DIRECTOR ® direct boxes in one unit. Perfect for converting unbalanced signals from stereo keyboards, acoustic guitar preamps, CD and tape players, computer sound cards, etc.

The DI2 uses the same professional grade TRHLM transformer found in the legendary Director.  Standard lengths are 15', 25' and 50'. And you may pick a color!

5.1 Precision Level Control

Introducing the 5.1PA Surround Sound Controller From Whirlwind

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All connections are balanced TRS and ground lifted. There are 2 outputs, for use with 2 sets of 5.1 speakersystems, e.g. Pro and Consumer brands or 5.1 and a stereo pair. The system consists of a 1 RU unit which contains all system input and output connections. The 5.1PLC controller is a table top, sloped enclosure with individual speaker on / off buttons, Speaker A / B switch, and a precision level control with an LED display. Other features include a Stereo Aux input, Dim and Mute functions, and a 5.1 to Stereo down mix.

Power / Electrical Distribution
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Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

CONNECT Series HP1 Stereo Headphones
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Only $18.50

  • Lightweight and comfortable design with soft foam earcups for extended listening comfort.
  • Wide frequency response produces clear highs and full bass.
  • 32 Ohm impedance.
  • 100 mW power handling capability.
  • 3.5 mm stereo plug.

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    Introducing The podMIXai, the big brother to our legendary podMIX

    Whirlwind is happy to release the podMIXai, the perfect solution for combining a microphone with your favorite sound track!

    The podMIXai is an active mixing device that combines a dynamic microphone with an unbalanced stereo audio source for connection to a single line level input of a sound system. Use it with CD and MP3 players, computer sound card outputs, DJ mixers, etc. along with a microphone in sports arenas, conference rooms, banquet halls, gymnasiums and party houses for paging or announcements over background music. The output is mono balanced line level.


    The podMIXai is a small tabletop enclosure with a rugged, ergonomic design for ease of use and easy storage. A wall adapter power supply (PS12AC1A) is included which provides 12 VAC at 1 Amp.

    Variable level controls on both the mic and music inputs allow level matching and mixing between the music source and the microphone. The mic input accepts dynamic microphones and can provide up to 60 dB of gain. The music input can boost the signal 20 dB.

    On/Off switches for both the mic and music inputs allow convenient muting control of each signal. A bass cut switch is provided on the mic input which can reduce handling and wind noise.

    The LED meter has yellow and red LEDs that confirm output level and a green LED indicates that the podMIXai has power . The yellow starts to illuminate when the output signal reaches -10 dB and the red starts at +10 dB and is fully on when the signal reaches +16 dB.

    Music signals are input via a single 3.5mm (1/8”) stereo TRS jack which are summed to mono. The microphone input is a balanced female XLR jack and the output is via a balanced male XLR jack.



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    pcDI Direct Box   

       DT12 Broadcast Series

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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

      MPM4 4-Zone Music and Paging Manager
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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

       New AB-8 8-Channel Mic / Line Auto Switcher
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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

    The Qbox Goes Digital

    The original Whirlwind Qbox was developed in response to requests for a simple test device that could generate or listen to signals, from mic level to amplifier drive level, at any point in a sound system.

    The Qbox does that with a built in condenser microphone or test tone generator. It also "listens" with its built-in speaker or headphone jack. There are lights to verify the presence of phantom or intercom power and it can be used as an intercom, monitor speaker, setup generator, etc.

    This unit supports the "Divide and Conquer" principle of troubleshooting. By substituting a Qbox at a problem point in a system, the user can easily verify signal presence or generate signal to determine if the problem lies farther down the line.

    A New "Generation"
    But what do you do when transmit audio in an AES/EBU digital audio system and nothing comes out the other end? How can you verify that the sending unit is actually generating good data, that the data actually contains audio or that a receiving unit is working properly? In fact, some digital systems are so quiet that the total lack of hum and hiss can sometimes make it difficult to determine whether the system is even on at all. So, an AES/EBU digital system presents special troubleshooting challenges.

    After gathering ideas from prospective users at trade shows and through email, Whirlwind engineers designed the AESQbox.

    Following is a brief description of the AESQbox and it s functions. For a detailed description, you may download a detailed white paper here.

    MODE Selections
    Three operating modes are selectable with a MODE switch:
    IN/OUT Normal Mode

    PASS THRU The digital audio received on the input is passed through to the output at the same sample rate so that the audio content may be monitored – the AESQbox is acting like both a "wiretap" and a "repeater".

    CABLE TEST The analog audio is delivered to the AES output where you may then test your digital cable by connecting from the output back to he AES input, which should allow the user to hear the audio. This could also be described as a "self test" mode for the unit as well as to verify the integrity of the cable.

    Digital Input Section
    The AESQbox recognizes digital sample rates from 32 kHz to 192 kHz. A set of INPUT SAMPLE RATE indicators shows the following sample frequencies (in kHz): 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192.

    A FAULT LED indicates problems with the data stream or hardware.

    The digital audio is converted to analog and may be monitored via a high quality unbalanced, 1/8" TRS stereo line/headphone output or with the built in speaker. The channel monitored by the speaker is selectable with a switch.

    Digital Output Section
    The SOURCE switch allows selection of MIC, TONE or AUX IN (a 1/8" TRS stereo unbalanced jack) as the analog audio source.
    • The built-in TONE generator provides 440 Hz for the left channel and 880 Hz for the right.

    • The built-in MIC is an electret condenser type and feeds both the left and right channels.

    • The AUX IN accepts line level stereo audio.
    The analog signal is converted to AES/EBU digital and output via the male XLR jack and BNC.

    Quality Audio
    One of the requirements of this design is to produce high quality audio.  The headphone/speaker amp circuit has superb THD and noise specs and the line output will have near pro-quality sound. The idea is that this unit can also double as a quality, portable AES-to-Line or Line-to-AES converter. 

    Other Stuff
    The AESQbox operates on 4 AA size batteries or with a 6V external power supply (included). A POWER indicator shows that power is on and allows the user to assess battery condition - when it gets dim, time to change the batteries.

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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.


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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

    IPOD Cables

    STUDIO SERIES Premium DB-25 Interface Assemblies
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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.


    LM2U and LM2B Level Matchers

    Whirlwind Connectors Are Available In Numbered Sets

    Revolutionary Hearing Protection!

    WT-1000 Instrument Tuner

    Connect 12
    Connect Series Snake

    Line Driver / Level Matcher / DA

    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind

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    HBUC - Under Counter Headphone Control Box
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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

    This passive, compact box mounts under a table or counter and provides headphone volume control for broadcast applications, recording studios, language labs, etc.

    • Two 1/4" inputs on the rear for input / through connections.
    • Housed in a box with rounded edges - easy on the knees.

    SPC82 SPC83

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    Tactical Power Distribution from Whirlwind.

    SPC83 Front (Front view, SPC83)

    SPC83P Rear (Rear view, SPC83P)

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