Audio Connectors & Adapters


Color-coded to allow instant visual recognition and designed to replace inserts conveniently,
Whirlwind Connectors combine quality with ease of use.

Chassis connectors are available with colored shells. The XLR-M, XLR-F and 1/4" TRS jacks all mount into the same D-Female hole punch which greatly simplifies layout and configuration of panels. They are available with heatstamped numbers or letters.

Inline connectors feature color coded strain reliefs and a unique labeling area. They are available blank, numbered or lettered.

For a small extra charge, Whirlwind inline XLR connectors are available with your logo laser engraved on the barrel.
Promote your company, ID your cables permanently and add that extra touch of professionalism.

Black is the standard color - BK. Other colors available are BL blue, BN brown, GN green, BY gray, OR orange, RD red, VT violet, WH white, and YL yellow. Part numbers are formed using the prefix, then the color, and the number sign # for numbered connectors. For example, WI3F-BL-# would be the part number for an XLR inline female connector with a blue colored boot, numbered. When you order these connectors there's a place on the form to explain the numbers (or letters) you would like - feel free to call for assistance or clarification.

Whirlwind Connectors Are Available In Numbered Sets

Upgrade or build your system with genuine Whirlwind connectors available in convenient numbered sets.

Large numbers are easier to see in the dark than small wire labels and they are laser engraved - they can't be rubbed off.
RJ45 CAT-5e Feed Thru

This is an RJ45 chassis mount feed thru connector that offers several mounting variations.

  • It can be mounted with the supplied metal escutcheon (pictured on the left)

  • It can be mated with a version of Whirlwind's MDSPL for mounting in any standard rack panel or box
    that's been pre-punched for Whirlwind or Switchcraft D-Female holes.
    (Pictured above, a Neutrik "D" size MDSPL plate is also available.)

  • Standard Whirlwind wall plates can be punched to accept this feed thru for direct mounting. $5.97 each

Neutrik Ethercon®

The EtherCon® Series offers both male cable carriers and assembled female receptacles.

The cable end offers a robust diecast shell as a carrier for RJ45 plugs.

Female chassis connectors are based on the current NEUTRIK® "A & B" Series
as well the "D" Series of XLR receptacles with secure latching system - a feature not found on other RJ45 receptacles.
Terminations are horizontal and vertical PCB or IDC, punch down. Color coding is available for both the cable carrier
and the receptacles for ease of identification.

NEUTRIK EtherCon products comply with Category 5 (IDC versions) shielded or unshielded and are compatible for use
with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX systems.

(Partial Listing)

NC3MXInline male XLR, 3 pin $2.59
NC3MX-BInline male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $3.97
NC3MX-BAGInline male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $3.34
NC3FXInline female XLR, 3 pin $2.89
NC3FX-BInline female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $4.46
NC3FX-BAGInline female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $3.59
NC3FX-SInline female XLR, 3 pin w/switch $9.26
NC3MRCRight angle inline male XLR, 3 pin $7.87
NC3MRC-BRight angle inline male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $8.30
NC3MRC-BAGRight angle inline male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $7.98
NC3FRCRight angle inline female XLR, 3 pin $8.24
NC3FRC-BRight angle inline female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $9.26
NC3FRC-BAGRight angle inline female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $8.53
NC3FPChassis mount female XLR, 3 pin $3.09
NC3FP-BChassis mount female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $4.03
NC3FP-BAGChassis mount female XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $3.64
NC3MPChassis mount male XLR, 3 pin $3.00
NC3MP-BChassis mount male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Gold $3.92
NC3MP-BAGChassis mount male XLR, 3 pin, Black/Silver $3.22
NP2CInline 1/4" phone plug $3.29
NP2C-BAGInline 1/4" phone plug, Black/Silver $3.33
NP3CInline 1/4" TRS plug $4.80
NP3C-BAGInline 1/4" TRS plug, black/Silver $4.80
NP2RCSRight angle inline 1/4" plug $3.51
NP3RCSRight angle inline 1/4" TRS plug $6.68
NC3MD-L-1Chassis mount male XLR, D - series $2.82
NC3MD-L-1-BChassis mount male XLR, D - series, Black/Gold $3.69
NC3MD-L-1-BAGChassis mount male XLR, D - series, Black/Silver $3.47
NC3FD-L-1Chassis mount female XLR, D - series $2.95
NC3FD-L-1-BChassis mount female XLR, D - series, Black/Gold $3.78
NC3FD-L-1-BAGChassis mount female XLR, D - series, Black/Silver $3.56
NF2B/2ProFi RCA plugs (sold in pairs) $17.49
NCJ6FI-SCombo plug with solder cups, nonswitching $3.07
NP3TB-RLong frame patch bay plug (red)$6.70
NP3TB-BLong frame patch bay plug (black)$6.70

Note: 3-6 pin versions avaliable from stock


NA2FBNCFemale XLR to Female BNC, unwired $14.99
NA2MBNCMale XLR to Female BNC, unwired $12.77
NA2MPMFMale XLR to Female RCA, unwired $8.76
NA2FPMFFemale XLR to Female RCA, unwired $9.44
NA3FMMale XLR to female XLR extender, unwired $8.85
NA4LJNL4FC to 1/4" female adapter,unwired $7.57

Some Neutrik adapters require wiring by the user.


Z11Female Chassis mnt.,TS 1/4" jack $1.29
L11Chassis mnt. 1/4" jack with long neck
Z12AFemale Chassis mnt., TS, 1/4" jack, tip switched $1.92
Z12BFemale Chassis mnt. 1/4" TRS jack $1.96
Z121Female Inline, TS 1/4" jack $5.32
Z128Oversized Female Inline,TRS,1/4" jack $5.71
Z1238Oversized Female Inline, 1/4" TRS jack $8.11
Z131Female Inline 1/4" TRS jack $6.96
Z151Thick panel 1/4" chassis mount jack $4.47
Z172Male Inline 1/4" shorting plug $20.27
Z190Oversized male inline 1/4" TRS plug $7.28
Z226Right angle male inline 1/4" plug $2.87
Z238Right angle inline 1/4" TRS plug
Z2801/4" tip sleeve plug $1.72
Z297Male Inline 1/4" TRS plug$3.24
Z3501FRFemale Chassis mount RCA phono jack $1.55
Z3502AMale Inline RCA phono plug large body $1.40
Z3502A-BAUMale Inline RCA phono plug large body (black/ gold) $2.46
Z3502RABAUMale Inline RCA, right angle phono plug large body (black/ gold) $5.72
Z3503Inline RCA phono jack $3.06
Z482NC 1/4" Long Frame Patch plug (red 280 type clamp)
Z483NC1/4" long frame patch plugs (black 280 type cable clamp)
Z35HDBAUInline 3.5mm TRS plug (gold body, black handle) $4.41
Z502FInline 3.5mm TRS jack
Z70Oversized inline 1/4" plug $3.63
Z780Inline 1/8" mini plug $3.03
ZA3MInline male XLR $2.76
ZA3FInline female XLR $3.07
ZD3MChassis mnt. male XLR $2.87
ZD3FChassis mnt. female XLR $3.02
ZR3MInline right angle male XLR
ZR3FInline right angle female XLR
ZT3FInline female XLR with On/Off switch
BBN-BNDual banana, oversize for 12GA, black w/ nickel contacts $2.61
BBN-RNDual banana, oversize for 12GA, red w/ nickel contacts $2.61
BBN-BGDual banana, oversize for 12GA, black w/ gold contacts $3.38
BBN-RGDual banana, oversize for 12GA, red w/ gold contacts $3.17
DIN-MIInline 5-pin DIN plug
DIN-FIDIN-FI Inline 5-pin DIN jack
TA*FTiny 3 or 4 pin Q-G plug (female)
TA*MTiny 3 or 4 pin Q-G plug (male)
TT253NCBlack nickel TT plugs, 280 type cable clamp
TT254NCRed nickel TT plugs, 280 type cable clamp

Z336ARCA phono plug to 1/4" jack $11.95
Z336BRCA phono jack to 1/4" jack $11.56
Z345ARCA phono jack to 1/4" plug $5.16
Z361A1/4" jack to 1/4" jack $8.49
Z3631/4" plug to 1/4" plug $11.70
Z384AMale XLR to 1/4" TRS jack $11.01
Z386AFemale XLR to 1/4" TRS plug $17.47
Z387AMale XLR to 1/4" TRS plug $15.74
Z389Female XLR to female XLR $13.87
Z390Male XLR to male XLR $11.53
558A1/4" TRS jack to 3.5mm TRS plug
S3FMFemale XLR to Male XLR
DIN-FFDIN jack to DIN jack

MDP-BKDual banana plug - black $1.56
MDP-BLDual banana plug - blue
MDP-ORDual banana plug - orange
MDP-RDDual banana plug - red
MDPFPDual banana jack - F panel mount

Industry standard connectors used for digital
multitrack recorders,mixers, and computers are
available.The DSUB multipin connectors have
solder-type contacts, goldplating, and metal
backshells. Crimp type also available.

DSUB9ILM 9 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB9ILF 9 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB9CHM 9 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB9CHF 9 pin DSUB chassis female
DSUB15ILM 15 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB15ILF 15 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB15CHM 15 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB15CHF 15 pin DSUB chassis female
DSUB25ILM 25 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB25ILF 25 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB25CHM 25 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB25CHF 25 pin DSUB chassis female

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