Now available in 8 X 4 configuration.

We designed our new Connect Series snakes with many of the same features found in our world famous Medusa® Standard snakes.

Connect Series snakes feature:
  • Fanouts with multiple layers of rugged heat shrink at the most critical points

  • Metal wire mesh strain relief and grip on the box - not the plastic type found on other economy snakes.

  • Connections that are hand soldered, not crimped, to the XLRs.

  • Fanout XLRs with metal shells and 360 degree chuck style strain relief.

It's an economical snake but with the quality you've come to expect from Whirlwind.

Model # # of Inputs # of Returns Return Type Length (ft.)
SNK84XL100 8 4 XLR 100
SNK164XL100 16 4 XLR 100
SNK244XL100 24 4 XLR 100

Connect 12

Connect 20

Connect 28

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