Whirlwind's transformers are the product 
of our desire to supply the highest quality 
transformers at fair prices. Constructed to 
rigid quality-control specifications, they are 
used in the most demanding audio applications 
in both recording and live sound. We designed 
our transformers from the ground up. New core 
and housing materials, special windings, 
Faraday shielding, high level-handling capabilities, 
and frequency  response were all considerations in design. 
As a result, we offer three types that  fit any audio 
transformer application. The TRHL series is designed to 
convert high impedance signals to low impedance, 
and the TRSP-1 and TRSP-2 facilitate microphone 
isolation and splitting. The TRSP-600 is designed for 
isolating and balancing line level audio signals.

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