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The SelectorXL is a programmable footswitch device that provides two signal 
paths for a microphone with independent muting of each path. Switching between 
outputs is completely silent and noise free.

This handy, foot-switchable box allows users of in-ear monitors to turn off the microphone signal to the front of house PA system and communicate privately with other band members or the monitor engineer through a second output. It also has many other possible uses for temporarily muting or switching a mic signal. The footswitch can be silently operated in several modes, with either momentary or alternate (push on, push off) action, by configuring the internal mode selection dipswitches. It can be used with both dynamic and condenser mics. Unit runs on a 9V battery or 24VAC power supply (included). SELXL

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This box gives you the ultimate control over your instruments and your
gear. You can alternate between channels A and B or select both.
Send one guitar to two amps or use it the other way around to select between
two guitars into one amp.

Thanks to our patented, state-of-the-art optical switching, there's no added noise, pops or crackles and no alteration of your tone. Bright LEDs indicate channel status.

Indestructible design means this pro quality box won't let you down on the gig.

Run it on one 9V battery or with optional external power supply (T401-ND).

A, B, I/O - 1/4" tip/sleeve jacks
Power - 1/8" tip/sleeve (For external supply, tip = +, 9VDC, 100mA or greater, use Whirlwind T401ND)
Impedance in and out: 1Meg Ohm
Operating Level: -40dBu to 0dBu
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz 1dB


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This four channel input/output footswitch gives one-step access to your
instruments and amps.
  • Send one input to one of four outputs
  • Route any one of four inputs to a single output
The MultiSelector also features LED indicators and 1/4" unbalanced inputs and outputs. It runs on two 9V batteries or with included 9V external power supply (T401-ND)

Impedance in and out: 1Meg Ohms
Operating Level: -40dBu to 0dBu
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz 1dB

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