Send E Snake and ES2 Directly Into Digital Consoles . . .

and control E Snake's mic preamps directly from Yamaha digital console control surfaces - like the PM5D and the new M7CL!


E Snake's super high-quality mic preamps and powerful remote control features make E Snake and Yamaha digital consoles, like the PM5D or M7CL, a potent combination.

It is the most affordable digital console / digital snake pairing available today - you only need 1/2 of an E Snake!

(In fact, E Snake is compatible with any device that supports MY16-C CobraNet or AVY16-ES Ethersound cards.)

Included E Snake Control software gives the operator complete control over:

  • Preamp gain
  • Phantom power
  • Limiter
  • Metering
  • Pad
  • Mic-Hi, Mic-Lo and Line gain ranges
  • On screen channel labeling
  • Loading presets from stored files for quick access to recurring setups

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The Yamaha MY16-C CobraNet or AVY16-ES Ethersound I/O cards make it easy to directly interface up to 64 digital channels*. Stay in the digital domain all the way from the mics to the amps!

E Snake's preamps will appear as AD8HR units to the console giving the operator control over gain and phantom power on/off.

E Snake Control gives overview control of 64 channels at a time*. User configurable "Channel Pages" give 1-click access to multiple user definable channel input arrays.

*Capacities of the PM5D and M7CL are 48 mic channels and 4 stereo line-level channels.
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