Whirlwind's All New E SYSTEM

Whirlwind's E Desk is a hardware and software based digital audio platform that provides multi-channel audio processing in analog and CobraNet ® applications. E Desk allows you to configure your entire system from the mics to the amps by utilizing virtual processors (DSP) at any point in the chain.

Just “pick, drag and drop” processors from the E Desk “Equipment Room” onto the design screen and draw your connections from piece to piece. E Desk coupled with E Snake and the DCS88 series of CobraNet transceivers can provide a total digital audio networking solution; from small commercial applications, schools, churches and theaters to the largest stadiums, arenas, universities and industrial complexes.

E Desk hardware features:
  • Six 60 MHz 32-bit floating point Analog Devices SHARC DSPs (360 MFLOPS)
  • 80 MHz 32-bit Motorola Power PC host processor
  • 32 Mbytes SDRAM
  • 8 Mbytes Flash ROM
  • Ethernet communications for software control and configuration
  • Support of TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP (ping) networking standards
  • Battery backed real-time clock and calendar
  • Powered CAN bus for easy addition of E Desk control devices; touch screens, rotary encoders, and contact switches
  • RS-232 serial port for simple connection to 3rd party control devices
  • Internal 80 watt universal switching power supply
  • Mic/Line inputs with programmable mic preamp (0dB to ~ +66dB gain)
  • CobraNet interface supporting 64 channels of digital audio (32 in/32 out) over Fast Ethernet
  • Compatible with all other CobraNet compliant devices
  • Works with standard Ethernet switches
  • Multiple system-wide presets and current settings stored in flash memory
  • Layout drawing information stored in flash memory
  • 24-bit A/D & D/A converters

Easy to use E Desk Control Software
E Desk's intuitive graphical interface will have you designing your system in no time. A comprehensive help system is also available to walk you through all of the toolbars, menus and component objects and explain the functions of each piece. Sample layouts are also provided to illustrate common system architectures.

E Desk software features:
  • Win32 application – (a PC with Windows 2000/XP operating system required)
  • Fully dockable Menu and Toolbar support
  • Overview Window for easy panning and zooming of large layout files
  • Fully customizable Equipment Room bar for storing default and custom DSP objects
  • Workspace state saved at program shutdown, including current documents, Toolbar, Catalog & Overview Window viewer states
  • User configurable data file and Equipment Room catalog
  • Simple object attribute control: colors, line widths, hatching, text font, size, style & alignment, border widths, etc.
  • Multiple simultaneous line (wire) drawing with no special editing modes required
  • Special text block object to enter freeform text and label information
  • Easy-to-use tools for object alignment, sizing, packing, spacing & centering
  • Fully supported object drag-and-drop between Catalog and view, and between views
  • Fully supported multiple layers within a drawing
  • Support of Clipboard operation
  • Programmable presets
  • Export file types: DXF (drawing interchange format) & EMF (enhanced meta files)

The Equipment Room
Imagine a room at your fingertips that's stocked with a virtually unlimited supply of top quality gear! That's what you get with E Desk and its powerful processing power. Create a dream system that's efficient and flexible with results that can be seen and heard instantly. And because it's CobraNet® compatible, you can create a sophisticated digital network and control up to 64 channels of real-time audio.

Available units in the Equipment Room include:
  • Mixers (33 types – standard, auto mixer, matrix, mix-minus combiners - up to 40 channels)
  • EQs (15 types - parametric, graphic, feedback suppressors)
  • Filters (14 types - high & low pass, high & low shelf, bandpass)
  • Crossovers (6 types - two, three and four way, 6-24dB/Oct and 6–48dB/Oct)
  • Dynamic Processors (4 types - levelers, comp/limiters, duckers, noise gates)
  • Routers (16 types – from 2x4 to 40x40)
  • Delays (up to 2000mS)
  • Controls (75 types – levels, mutes, presets, remotes, logic)
  • Meters (12 types – signal, peak, RMS)
  • Generators (tone, pink noise, white noise)
  • Custom (Equipment can be created by editing existing objects and saving as new Component Objects in the Equipment Room)

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