We carry a wide variety of digital
audio cables to provide for all your 
digital audio applications.

AES/EBU Cables 
These 110* cables wire gold XLR male to Gold XLR female. They are 
available in 3,6, and 10 foot lengths of CL2 Cable or flexible cable. 
Model is formed by DK + length, or DKF + length for flexible cable. 
Non-standard lengths may also be ordered.

S/PDIF Cables (Phono to Phono)
Whirlwind uses gold-plated RCA connectors with true 75* impedance 
on its 75* coaxial cables. Part number is formed by SPDIF + Length.

TOS Link Optical Cables 
These cables are for digital multitrack interconnection. They have 
standard pre-made molded ends and are available in 1, 2, and 5 meter 
lengths. Part numbers are FOTL + Length + M. 

DK series cable
DKF series cable

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