Whirlwind Medusa Data & Audio Snake
Hand made in Rochester NY, USA

The Data Snake offers the same features as our Medusa Standard series 
with the addition of 2 lines of Cat 6 bundled within multipair cable 
(available in 6 Audio+2 Cat 6, or 12 Audio+2 Cat 6) with SnakeSkin® 
on the fanouts for ultimate fanout protection, Metal chassis mount XLR 
connectors, and a Pig Bag® to protect the fanouts during storage or 
when not in use. Pictured are just a few examples of the many 
configurations available.

•Product family: Medusa Standard
•Type: Cat 6

The Medusa Data Snake is available with either Neutrik Cat5e or Cat6 connectors 
on the box and fan out. These connectors are not interchangeable so please make 
sure you specify the correct one for your particular needs.  

Medusa Data Snake features include: 

•Heavy duty powder coated steel stagebox with Metal Whirlwind connectors and integrated handle.
•2 lines of Cat 6 bundled within our legendary multipair cable (available in 6 or 12 pair) .
•Whirlwind by Belden NEC CM rated multipair cable, heavy duty, flexible, multipair cable. 
Each pair contains two twisted 24GA 7x32 polyethylene insulated conductors with 100% foil 
shield and 24GA drain wire.
•Fanouts with multiple layers of rugged heat shrink at the most critical points.
•Fanouts feature Whirlwind connectors with engraved numbers and letters.
•Genuine Kellems® wire mesh hanger to support the fanout at the board.
•Genuine Kellems® strain relief and grip with internal cable clamp.
•SnakeSkin® on the fanouts for ultimate fanout protection
•Pig Bag® to protect the fanouts when not in use.
All Medusas are available with integrated cable reel.

Standard configurations:

MD-6-2-C5E   [6 XLR inputs, 2 Cat5e Ethercon]
MD-6-2-C6    [6 XLR inputs, 2 Cat6 Ethercon]        
MD-12-2-C5E  [12 XLR inputs, 2 Cat5e Ethercon]
MD-12-2-C6   [12 XLR inputs, 2 Cat6 Ethercon]

Standard lengths:

25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 feet

Sample part number:


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