Introducing Cyclone Cases by Whirlwind

After 40 years of loading our gear into other companies cases, 
we realized that if we built our own, they would be superior in every way!

When we build anything from a concert splitter, to a full blown power distro, it breaks our hearts to load it into a sub par flight case. Well that was precisely our motivation in creating the CycloneTM case series from Whirlwind. We picked the finest Colson® casters, flush mounted MOLTM latches and built it around our Marine grade HDPE panels resulting in a road worthy, incredibly sturdy road case that won’t soak up water, and rot like traditional cases that are made with plywood. Features: Cyclone CasesTM are built with flush mounted MOLTM latches to keep from scratching all of your other cases during load in, or transit. Well thought out, over built, double sprung, recessed handles are what you’ll find on Cyclone CasesTM! Cyclone CasesTM are built with the finest Colson® casters to assure a smooth, and steady transition from venue, to venue.

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